The candidate will be allowed up to 15 driving faults. Overall 16 driving faults or recording numerous repeated driving faults on the same fault will result in an unsuccessful test.


If the candidate records one serious fault (one in which a potential danger occurred) or one dangerous fault (and actual danger occurred) the test will be marked as unsuccessful.



The candidate must demonstrate correct, safe and best practice techniques when uncoupling and coupling the combination/outfit.  The must ensure that the trailer is secured by applying the handbrake before beginning the uncoupling process and then uncouple in the correct sequence to avoid potential dangerous or damage to other road users, other vehicles or property.  Before releasing the 'breakaway' cable, the candidate must ensure that the trailer is secure.


Before coupling the candidate must ensure that the trailer is legal and road worthy as well as within the technical permissible towing weight (TPTW) of the vehicle. They must demonstrate the safety checks correctly before attempting to hitch and must always ensure that the handbrake is on before carrying out the checks.


 After the test:

If you are successful the examiner will give you a pass certificate. A new licence will automatically be generated and posted to you direct from the DVLA. The examiner will also give you a marking sheet on your driving performance during the test and explain any minors.



Dunoon, Inveraray, Lochgoilhead, Strachur, MacRahanish, Campbelltown, Glasgow, Kilmarnock, West Lothian, East Lothian, Midlothian, Edinburgh

Test Dentres:

Livingston, Bathgate, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire, Glasgow South Street, Kilmarnock

Current Prices:     B+E Trailer Towing Course

Course Consists off:

Day 1 - 3 hours Day 2 - 3 hours                   

Test Fee  

Vehicle & Traier Hire                                £405.00

If You require a further 3hrs                    £525.00

N.B: Further training is charged at £40.00 per hour.                             

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The payment above is valid for the Instructor above ONLY. A transfer fee will apply otherwise.

The B+E towing test is to ensure the candidate can handle the combination of car and trailer in a safe and controlled manner.  


The test is broken into a number of sections:

     1.     The eyesight test

     2.     Safety questions

     3.     Reversing

     4.     The driving element

     5.     uncoupling/coupling


The candidate must ensure that the photocard is in date as the photocard is only valid for 10 years.


The DSA's has a strict policy of "NO LICENCE - NO TEST"

The eyesight requirement:

The candidate must be able to read a number plate at a distance with or without corrective lenses. If corrective lenses are used for reading number plate then they MUST BE WORN during test.


Safety Questions:

The candidate will be asked a number of questions relating to the combination/outfit. These will be either a show me or tell me question where the candidate must explain what they would do to ensure safety. 


The candidate will be able to safely reverse the combination through a designated course, demonstrating fairly accurate steering and speed control whilst taking effective all round observations.  The candidate will not cross outside the boundaries of the manoeuvring area or touch any marker cone or pole during the exercise.  To complete the exercise the trailer must be positioned within the yellow painted box without striking the barrier to the rear of the trailer.

The candidate is allowed to shunt the vehicle forward twice only and is allowed to exit the vehicle once only to inspect the final position of the trailer within the yellow painted box and re-enter the vehicle to adjust the position of the trailer if required.


If the candidate is unsuccessful on the reversing section, the next section will not be completed.

On the road:

The candidate will be expected to drive safely and under full control of the combination/outfit at all times taking effective all round observations and to act correctly on what they see.  The candidate must not make any road users, including cyclists and pedestrians, alter their speed or direction by their actions.

Further Discounts if more than 1 Person is booked on the same course

Robert Christie W.Scot Dir.

Approved Driving Instructor

NAME:             Robert Christie

LOCATION:     Strachur, Argyll


DfT/DVSA; Approved Driving Instructor

CRB Cleared

Pass Plus Instructor

Police Driver Trainer

B+E Trailer Trainer

ADiT Instructor Trainer

DIA Professional W.Scot Director

ADI Since 2004

VEHICLE:     Honda CRV

"Because Not All Driving Schools Need to be the same"

Some of the Many Qualifications our Instructors boast, but those most Qualified are Our Customers & You Can read their Reviews here


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