Terms of Business

What we should expect from each other;


The vehicle will be presented to you in a clean, road worthy and legal condition. Should there be any mechanical failure including bulbs we do reserve the right not to allow the vehicle to be used for lesson/test. We will of course attempt to rectify any problem as soon as we can although in situations beyond our control we cannot be held liable should you loose a test fee. We also are required to reserve the right to refuse use of the vehicle if we suspect that you could be under the influence of drink and/or drugs and also for test if we have advised against the test due to ability or consistency. In this instance, we can offer no financial compensation.


Catz-i.com ADiT© and your Trainers vehicle is covered for public liability and legal protection. Dual Controls are also fitted for your (and our) peace of mind and we have fully comprehensive cover. An Insurance excess fee of £50.00 is payable by you the Learner in the event of damage caused to the vehicle during a lesson, regardless of how so ever caused. This includes wheels and tyres damaged due to kerb strikes.

Personal Conduct

The Trainer and pupil will try to avoid physical contact at all times except in an emergency or in the normal course of greeting. The Trainer will at all times behave in a professional manner towards you. Please also try to avoid wearing strong smelling perfumes or aftershave, which can be overpowering in a small environment.

"If you are prone to a weak bladder, you are advised to deal with this in a suitable manner before each driving lesson. Should you be responsible for soiling the seat, you will be charged the value for lessons that need to be cancelled until the seat has been replaced. This will be up to a maximum value of £900 in lost business, not including tests that may have to be cancelled. The cost of the seat replacement shall not exceed £2,400, giving the maximum price charged of £3,300. We also reserve the right to give no future lessons to you." The above also applies to dirty clothing, shoes or hands, where cleaning and odor removal fees may apply.

Mentoring & Disabilities

ALL Disabilities, Syndromes & any other illness MUST be reported to your Driving Instructor on or before your first lesson. This will allow us to work with you to ensure your learning needs are met and to ensure You and Your Instructors Safety. FAILURE TO DISCLOSE THIS MAY LEAD TO LITIGATION AGAINST YOU. If you are unsure, you must inform your Instructor to make sure you are covered by our Insurance. The trainer at all times reserves the right not to give instruction, this will not contravene legislation on discrimination. If this relates to a physical or mental disability, we will carry out assessments and make every effort to accommodate and where necessary through Governing & Professional bodies. If we are unable to carry out further lessons, we reserve the right to advise on further training and/or adaptions as necessary.

Medications & Alcohol

You MUST inform us if you take any medication, including cold remedies or antihistamines. In most instances there is no issue, however we do need to be aware for insurance and legal purposes. Under the new Scottish drink drive laws, we require you NOT to consume any alcohol within 24hours before your driving lesson. Your Instructor reserves the right to ask when you last drank alcohol and may ask you to use a mobile breathalyser to verify. If in any doubt, your Instructor reserves the right to refuse the driving lesson with you. With a Provisional Driving Licence, you can still be banned from driving and have a criminal record for a maximum of 20 years. Your Instructor may also be charged for aiding and abetting, where the Instructor reserves the right to claim loss of earnings from you for a maximum of £1,750,000.00


Please do remember to take all your belongings with you at the end of each lesson. We cannot be held responsible for anything you leave behind or damage how so ever caused.


Depending on your experience the first 5–10 sessions need to take into account things like rush hour, adverse weather conditions and possibly the necessity to drive you to a better location for your training, this avoids unnecessary nerves and stress for you. At times, we may need to postpone a lesson at short notice due to weather.


This part should go without saying, but you MUST give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your 1 Hour lesson & 48 hours on Sundays & Bank Holiday Mondays. 48 hours notice is also required for lessons of a duration of 1Hr 30 Mins or 2Hr lessons. Under this time we are normally unable to fill your slot and as your trainer is self-employed, they don’t get paid in this instance. Without valid reason training missed will be charged to you at the normal rate.

If your Trainer is unable to conduct your training for a period of time, we will provide you with another trainer and wherever possible the same type of vehicle. If this is not possible we will do our best with another similar vehicle.

Unpaid Lesson Charge

There are a very few people who wait until the end off a Lesson to inform us that they have no money with them. You would not go to Tesco, let all your Shopping be Scanned then ask if you could pay next week. Therefore, we do expect you to pay at the end off each Lesson or Block Book in Advance. Unfortunately due to the ‘Few who try it on', an Un-Paid Lesson incurs a Penalty Charge off £1.00 per day until Paid in Full. Should the Account not be settled within 30 days a Recorded Delivery Letter is sent to you as a reminder with a further Charge of £20.00. After 90 days we will take the matter to the Small Claims Court, where you would need to Pay the Lesson Fee, Plus all fees including Legal Fees. Your Credit Score may also be affected.


Please check our Web site at www.Catz-i.com for our latest prices and offers. As fuel prices, Road Tax and charges can change quickly, prices are updated monthly. Block booking payments are not affected by price increases, but are non-refundable and valid for three months.

Block Booking Discount

Please note that ALL Block Booking Discounts Apply ONLY when the payment has been made in advance. i.e. A payment is received before the lesson/lessons. A lesson given before the payment has been received will be charged at the Instructors normal rate and may include fees, as outlined above.

Business Dealings

•          Your Trainer will keep records of any money you pay in advance in the training record. This can be emailed to you at any time.

•          These Terms of Business have been sent to you at the email address you provided and continuing to take lessons from us is          

          deemed as acceptance of these Terms

•          All money paid in advance forms a contract with ‘Your Instructor’, NOT Catz-i.com, even if this was by PayPal, Credit or Debit


•          Any complaints should be directed towards your trainer, if you cannot resolve the issue please make your dissatisfaction in

          writing to davidson@catz-i.com. We will attempt to resolve the matter with you and include the DVSA if necessary. If this does

          not resolve the concern then you may set up a panel with representatives from the ADI industry, who may refer the matter to the

          courts or statutory body to be determined.              


Books, Publications, Logos, Video, CD, CD-ROM, DVD, USB, Photograph & Filming materials are Copyright to Catz-i.com and no part may be copied or reproduced in anyway

The Company

Catz-i.com ADiT© is a Catz-eye.com™ Company and are Registered names.

Data Protection

Catz-i.com ADiT store all your information on our ‘Data Vault System’ (DVS) whilst you are taking training with us, then up to two years from the last contact date. We NEVER share your information with anyone else and every possible effort is made to ensure the security of our system whether on paper or by data and is stored in locked areas when unattended. You can access our GDPR Policy here

You will NEVER be filmed in vehicles with cameras fitted without your prior consent and knowledge. All cameras are positioned above shoulder height and are visible in the vehicle. These will be pointed out to you on your first lesson. If you agree to filming, you can access our filming agreement here

Criminal Record Checks

All of our Trainers and Staff are CRB checked and cleared before they represent Catz-i.com. We check for any convictions, pending or spent regarding any violent, sexual, dishonest or obscene act. So you can rest in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.


It goes without saying that both your Driving Instructor and Driving Examiner has the right to work without being subject to any violence, wether this be verbally, physically or of a threatening manner. In all cases, we will contact the Police and reserve the right not to give you any further Driving Lessons nor present you for test. This above includes verbal or physical behaviour against another road user, otherwise known as Road Rage.


Competition entries are based on your Instructors participation in a Promotion. The details of which Instructors Participate will always be up to date on their Web Page and Facebook.

Closing Dates and eligibility will be published separately for each competition and are not open to friends and family of any Instructor or employee of Catz-i.com. A Judges decision is final and there will be No Cash alternative offered unless otherwise stated. Competition Start and Closing Dates will be published on Facebook. Any Participant with monies owing to their Instructor or Catz-i.com will be disqualified. Winners will be announced on Facebook, where by taking part you consent to your Photograph being taken for publicity use.

As well as and/or instead of signing this document, continuing to take lessons supplied by Catz-i.com is deemed as acceptance of these Terms of Business and forms a contract between you and your trainer. These terms may be updated from time to time with 28 days notice.



Information and Terms of Business

This information has been written for you as a Guide to getting the most from your Driving Lessons and also forms part of your contract between You and your Instructor, so please

read Carefully and ENJOY!

Since 2001 I have always strived to make Catz-i.com the Very Best. Not Normal, but the Very Best by providing structured training that relates to 21st Century Driving without compromising quality over quantity. Our System has proven that it works and we are now one of Scotland’s Independent Market Leaders.

As the First Carbon Neutral Driving School registered, you can be assured that when you drive, you are creating a smaller Carbon Footprint than when you travel as a passenger on a bus. Further we are Investing in becoming the First Driving School to be Paperless and have also gained Awards to this effect.

Your Driving Instructor has been individually chosen by their Ability, Qualifications and Proven track record, so I can assure you that you are in Professional and hands.

If at any point you would rather speak to me directly, please do contact me at

davidson@catz-i.com, where I am always interested in your views, comments and feedback so we can continue to improve our standards and service to you.

All that remains now is to wish you well in your Driver Education and wish you a very enjoyable Learning Experience.

Clear Roads

Davidson Davidson

Catz-i.com CEO

"Over 3,000 Learners Have PASSED With Us"

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