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Britains 1st Carbon Neutreal Driving School

Charity is very important to us. As a community, you trust us and in return, it is nice to give something back.

Unfortunately, we cannot meet everyones request, but we look forward to some big events in 2017 to light up many Children's Lifes.

In the last 15 Years we have raised:

Carbon Offset:                                         £2,838.00

Edinburgh Zoo Tiger Sponsorship:      £0,300.00

Wings for Life:                                        €0,500.00

Bloodhound SSC:                                   £0,300.00

Edinburgh Zoo Sponsorship:                £0,360.00

Brake:                                                       £0,500.00

Children in Need:                                    £3,150.00

Other Local Events:                                £1,250.00

TOTAL TO DATE:                                     £9,398.00

DVSA Approved Driving Instructor

Criminal Records Checked & Cleared

ADiT Approved Driving Instructor Trainer

DVSA Approved Driving School

Argyll & Bute Driving Assessors

Driving Instructors Association Member

Institute of Advanced Motorist Membership

Diamond Advanced Motorist Member

Central Scotland Police Driver Trainer

Brake Road Safety Ambassador

Good Egg Approved

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