takes priority. To that end, I have designed our training to keep your initial outlay to a minimum, so if you decide in 6 months that this is not the career for you or your family circumstances change, your financial impact is minimal and I look forward to sharing in your success in the near future if this step is for you.

Davidson Davidson



ADiT Trainer

STEM Ambassador


"I am Davidson founder and CEO of Catz-i.com ADiT. I am also the author of the national ADiT course 'Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Driving Instructor'.

My objective here is to highlight some of the many advantages of Teaching and Coaching our future Drivers and to ensure that this is the right career move for you by educating you on what ‘Really’ to expect and highlight the pitfalls most don't mention. With Catz-i.com our goal is to make you a proficient and passionate Driving Instructor and our training is geared towards YOUR Goal. As an established brand, we pride ourself on reputation and recommendation, whilst never compromising quality for profit and your sucessful completion of the course

"Only You Can Change Your Destiny"

Instructor Training with Catz-i.com

There really is nothing more rewarding than taking a 17yr

old who has basic abilities and turning them into a safe

and confident driver. From stalling to dual carraigeways

and from fear to competent driving. Or maybe it's the fact

that you can work around School concerts & holidays add

to this the lifestyle, income and security of choosing this

career and you will soon see why few would ever

change career again.

Nevertheless, like with any industry, there are some

that would try sell you an unrealistic dream and I aim in the

next few pages to not only inform you of the good, but the bad and down right ugly too, so that you start training with your eyes wide open.

The decision to become a Driving Instructor should not be taken lightly, but for those who take an educated plunge the rewards are there and a fulfilling Future Awaits.

Sound to Good to be True?

That's Because it is!

What You Must be Aware Off!

There are a vast number of firms offering Instructor

Training, however, not all of them have governing

recognition. Most will enrol; new Driving Instructors who will pay an average of £3,500 up-front for training.

This is because they make their money from the high drop out rate amongst Instructor Students, as they base a significant part of their Profits on you failing or not continuing. DVSA figures show that only 11% of Students who enrol, continue past the Part 1 Test of Knowledge.

The "Unbelievable Offers" to watch out for:

Pay Nothing Until You Qualify

A Google search of BBC's Watch Dog will reveal companies that fall into this bracket. Whilst the claim sounds plausible, the small print reveals that you pay if you don't qualify too with up to 49.9% APR added to a 2 year loan. 49.9% APR X £3,500 = An actual cost of £7,451.89           

Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back

This one is from a company that boasts that their whole course costs under £1,500! Unfortunately, this claim is based on:

(A). You are only allowed to sit the tests when they allow you to, this means you have to take extra training at inflated prices and as much as triple your cost.

(B). If you dont get on with your trainer and take training with another company because you are displeased, your guarantee is nul-in-void.

(C). If your family circumstances change or you decide this is not the career for you, the claim is again nul-in-void.

(D). Should you fail the Part 2 or 3 within your 3 attempts, you need to wait 2 years from the date you Passed your Part 1 and MUST take the course again. Therefore, not only will your life change completely within 2 years, it could be as much as 5 years before you see your "Guaranteed Money Back".

The same company claims to be a "Guru", yet there are as many Driving Instructors that would dispell this belief as agree.

Catz-i.com ADiT

Can boast an Incredible


Overall Pass Rate

Catz-i.com is a registered Driver Training Establishment and dedicated to Continued

Professional Development (CPD), so you can rest in the knowledge that we are well monitored

by the Governing Authorities and there will be No Compromise in the Quality of Training you receive. To this end our Course Materials are continuously improved and kept-up-to-date with new legislation and laws. This is just one area where Catz-i.com excel as we ensure that the documentation we provide is the most up-to-date available and you receive revisions as they are made ensuring the data you study and teach is as accurate as possible.


How long will it take to Pass?

With one-to-one tuition our full Course is designed to be completed in three-six months. We do realise that for most of our Students that they will not have studied since School, College or University, so with the option of pacing at your own speed and learning ability, you are more likely to retain the information learned and have a greater opportunity of success.

Some do take longer than six months and some opt for a Trainee Licence, which is valid for a further six months, however the choice and speed is completely up to you, but no matter the time or assistance required, Catz-i.com will be with you every step of the way.

Are there too many Driving Instructors?

The latest DVSA figures published actually showed that in 2015 show there are 5,519 Fewer Driving Instructors compared to 2011. Add to this the number of people seeking Driving Lessons has rose year on year, this shows that demand is there and New Driving Instructors are always required. Evidence of this is evident with Driving Test waiting times where the Governments target of a '2 week waiting period' has risen to between 8-16 weeks in almost every area.

A further example is that between January-September 2015, Catz-i.com turned away 37% of Pupil enquiries as our Instructors diaries were fully booked and we cannot employ ‘Quality’ ADI’s quickly enough. We continue to operate at Maximum capacity to date.

What do we offer and why should you choose Catz-i.com in your training and in shaping the future of our young drivers?

How many Lessons will I need?

Regardless of what other training companies do, we know that you are unique and your learning style will be different to anyone else. This is where you take 90 minute training sessions with a specific begining, middle and end. By using this one-to-one system most Students are Part 2 Test ready after 12 - 16 hours. With regards the Part 3 Training, most courses run for 40 hours, however, there are very few who pass (all across the UK), with out a realistic 60 hours of training.

Click To See Why We Really Are Different >>>

Some of the Many Qualifications our Instructors boast, but those most Qualified are Our Customers & You Can read their Reviews here

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